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Below is a list of videos included in the DGIQ 2023 West Video Package:

5 Factors That Cause Data Quality Projects to Fail (And How to Overcome Them) (Product Session)

A Framework for Data Literacy

ABCs of Data Governance

Accelerating a Data Governance Program with a Logical Data Fabric (Product Session)

Accelerating Metadata Onboarding with Gamification

Achieving the Elusive Goal of Enterprise Data Awareness (Product Session)

Adventures in Data Governance

Alation - House of Data Demo (Product Session)

Are We Even Allowed to Say That? Normalizing DEIA Metadata to Meet Tomorrow's Governance Needs

Award-Winning Data Governance: Journey to Building a Mature Data Governance Program

Becoming a Data Governance Enabler

Brag Session (Because We Understand You!)

Building a Future Leaders in Data Program

Building a Scalable and Sustainable Global Data Governance Program

Building Core Change Management Expertise to Empower Your Data Governance Program

Building Lasting Momentum with Data Governance (Panel)

Business Value Assessment to Identify Data Governance Priorities

Case Study: How the Implementation of Data Standards Can Lead to Better Data Quality

Clear the Fog from Your Data Landscape: Demystifying the Enterprise Data Model for Governance

Common MDM Pitfalls - Why Is MDM So Difficult?

Connecting Data Governance to What Business Leaders Care About - Money!

Controlling the Chaos: How to Discover, Manage, and Govern Your Unstructured Data (Product Session)

Converting Data Language Into Business Speak - Can You Talk the Talk?

Creating a Roadmap That Works for Your Organization

Data Governance Communication: Making it CLEAR

Data Governance in Retail: How Data Lineage Helps Unlock Improved Decision-Making and ROI (Product Session)

Data Governance Maturity Assessments: A Case Study

Data Lineage in a Complex Data Landscape (Product Session)

Data Management from a Risk Management Perspective

Data Observability - What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Data Quality Twists and Turns - How to Move Forward?

Data Strategy and Governance - The Journey Continues

Discovering and Governing Confidential Data

Emotional Intelligence Disciplines for Data Governance Professionals

Enabling Automated Data Quality Management with a Data Catalog

Engaging Data Stewards in a Collaborative Approach to Data Governance - A Case Study

Enterprise Data Dictionary: Data Culture Defined

Establishing Sound Data Governance: A Data Catalog Story

Feeling Lost? Navigate with D3Clarity's Revolutionary Governance Playbook (Product Session)

Fireside Chat: Using Data Governance to Support and Accelerate Data Science

Governance by Design - Not as an Afterthought

How Are We Doing? Effective Approaches to Measuring Program Progress

How Newell Brands Aligned Data Governance with Business Strategy to Enable Change

How the Need for Better Metrics Changed Our MDM Reputation

How to Scale Digital Business with Modern Data Governance

Improved Curation and Data Discovery with and Generative AI (Product Session)

Informatica: Not Your Grandma's Data Governance (Product Session)

Jump Start Your Metadata Management Journey

Jumpstarting and Unsticking Your Data Governance Program

Know, Trust, Use - Invigorate Your Governance Initiatives Using IBM Data Governance Solutions (Product Session)

Leveraging a Continuous Improvement Program to Introduce and Maintain Data Quality

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Data Governance in State Government

Making Your Data Governance Program Successful! (Product Session)

Music and Data?! A Journey of Learnings for Creativity

Next Gen Data Quality Monitoring

Organizing for Effective Change: Critical Success Factors for Creating a Meaningful Impact with Data Governance

OvalEdge: End-to-End Data Governance (Product Session)

People: The Forgotten Key to Successful Data Governance

Pioneering Governed Data Quality

Putting the Ducks in a Row: Going from Low to High Quality Data

Scaling Master Data Management via Data Mesh

The Fine Art of Data Governance - A Sommelier's Guide to Cataloging Data

The Future of MDM (Product Session)

The Six Core Areas of the DGPO Data Governance Framework, the Foundation for Best Practices:
The Data Governance Professionals Organization Annual Summer Meeting

Time for Big Brother to Get a Makeover

Transforming Your Data Management: Adopting a Sustainable Approach to Data Governance

Turning Data Governance into a Business Driver with Automation and Decentralization

Understanding Why We Govern, What We Govern, How We Govern

Universal Data Access...Tear Down This Data Wall!

Walk, Run, Fly to a Data-Driven Culture

What Did Your Data Do Last Night? A Deep Dive into Trusting Your Data and AI

Where's the Right Place to Get My Data? Improving Data Management Maturity Through System Certification

Who Gets the Soup? Prototyping Cross-Functional Data Governance

You Can't Govern Data You Don't Understand: A Modern Approach to Discover and Manage Your Unstructured Data

Zero Trust Database Access and Management with DBHawk (Product Session)

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